Bluways' Benefits

series design for Greater value

When you choose a Bluways' series hybrid-electric drive system design, you receive a number of benefits in the areas of fuel economy, reduction in emissions for reduced environmental impact, improved performance and drivability, and quieter vehicle operation.


Fuel-Saving Features – Regenerative braking, all-electric accessories, proprietary energy storage systems, rooftop electronics.
Best-in-Class Emissions – Bluways' systems are certified and exceed emission standards.
Maximum Energy Regeneration – Our latest generation of ultracapacitor energy storage offers up to 94% capture of energy.
Lower Noise – The energy storage dominant series drive system operates quieter to keep noise levels low. This is accomplished by eliminating the mechanical connection between the engine and wheels (versus a parallel design which couples the engine to the wheels which creates additional noise).


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how it works

See a diagram that shows how energy flows through an Bluways' Hybrid System. Get the Datasheet »