Energy Storage Systems

Since 2009, Bluways has been at the forefront of developing hybrid-electric drive systems for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Across the world today, our proven track record includes more than 300 hybrid systems and over 40 million km of fleet operation. During this exciting and important time period, we have amassed a solid foundation of know-how and demonstrated expertise in managing the heavy-duty energy requirements of transit buses. This bank of knowledge and experience provides the ideal launch point for our complete line of energy storage systems.

Bluways has leveraged some of the best minds in science and engineering to design energy management systems capable of tackling the complicated and demanding requirements of real-world, heavy-duty applications. Our systems are built to optimize energy storage cycle life, performance, stability, and realiability all within a modular, scalable design.

Key technological features of our Energy Storage Systems include:

  • Superior Electronics
  • Optimal Battery Management Technology
  • Ruggedized Design
  • Modular and Scalable Format

The following power electronics and complementary electric components enable us to achieve a higher overall efficiency and performance in our transit applications:

  • High Voltage Inductor / Capacitor Module
  • Voltage Protection Module
  • High Voltage DC to DC Converter for use with Blended Energy Storage Systems

Bluways Ultracapacitor Module

The Bluways ultracapacitor-based energy storage module offers high-density durability and reliability, is lightweight and scalable, and can help you reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Bluways Lithium-ion Power Module

The Lithium-ion Power energy storage system features lithium-ion battery modules, optimized for high charge and discharge rates.

Bluways Blended Energy Flex Pack

Bluways’ Blended Energy Flex Pack offers the flexibility to combine Ultracapacitor-based and Lithium-Ion-based energy systems for a superior blended high power/high energy system.

Bluways Master Control Module

Bluways’ proprietary control/contactor box serves as a controller and gateway for one or more energy storage modules (up to 32). Allows easy integration with the host application’s control and electrical systems.

Reasons to Choose Bluways for Energy Storage Systems

When you choose a Bluways Energy Storage System, you benefit from our years of development and production in mastering the way energy cells work in unique power applications. This advantage eases integration and streamlines the process of combining two unique configurations.

  • Flexibility – With Bluways, you benefit from the flexibility of application-specific cell selection, individual cell management, and active cooling in extending life.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Bluways Energy Storage Systems are cell-agnostic to provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership. Our deep expertise in managing cell chemistry streamlines integration so you can get to market faster.
  • Thermal Management – Our advanced technology ensures that your systems remain thermally stable. Ultracapacitors and batteries generate kW of energy which equates to heat which can degrade cells. As the Bluways Cooling Loop actively cools, performance is maximized and the lifetime of each cell is increased.
  • Simplified Maintenance – Bluways Energy Storage systems are designed to allow for the replacement of drained cells.
  • Charger Ready Interface – Bluways systems are compatible with commercially available chargers designed for 600V and higher systems.
  • Performance – Bluways systems include sufficient margin for dynamic, high duty cycle applications.
  • Packaging – Bluways understands the challenges of packaging complex electric drive systems in heavy-duty applications. Because of this, we have optimized the cooling ports, HV terminations, and LV electrical connections in all Bluways Energy Storage Systems.

Bluways Energy Storage Systems for Proven, Reliable Performance

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"Bluways is moving the transportation industry one step closer to zero emissions with a new hybrid-energy paradigm that calls for smaller engines and increased energy storage."