Transit Buses

The Heavy-Duty, High Duty Cycle Solution

Ideal for Stop-and-Go Service

Today’s urban transit setting requires heavy-duty passenger vehicles to perform all day, every day in demanding stop-and-go operation. For this reason, the Bluways Series Drive System is ideal for the frequent stop-start, low average speed, and high operating duty cycle environments common in mass transportation.

The Bluways' Series Drive System excels in transit applications by using electric motors for all vehicle propulsion. By eliminating the mechanical link between the engine and the wheels, engine dependence and usage is reduced – with no compromise in performance – and the result is improved fuel efficiency.

Hundreds of Bluways Series Drive Systems are on the roads today, effectively and efficiently meeting heavy-duty transit demands. Your organization can leverage the benefits of this technology with Bluways' purpose-built alternative fuel transit solution.

Key advantages

  • Best-in-class exhaust emissions ratings
  • Regenerative braking system recaptures/stores energy for the next vehicle acceleration
  • Simple, safe exhaust aftertreatment
  • Brake pad replacements extended by as much as 400% compared with conventional diesel systems (results may vary depending on drive cycle and retarder settings).
  • Leverage mature, high-volume engine technology
  • Established customer base with over 300 hybrid vehicles in service
  • 50+ million mile track record in revenue service miles


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how it works

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