Gasoline Hybrid-Electric

More Hybrids on More Roads

Across the globe, transit agencies and municipalities are adding more hybrid buses to their fleets every day. These organizations are seeing positive results through reduced emissions and decreased fuel consumption. The Bluways' Gasoline Hybrid-Electric (GHE) Drive System answers this call with a solution specifically designed to deliver positive results in emissions output and fuel economy for transit buses.

Bluways can help you meet the challenges of heavy-duty, high duty cycles that are common in transit driving. When you choose the efficient, ultraclean operation of the Bluways Series GHE Drive System for your fleet, you can rely on best-in-class exhaust emissions ratings and Bluways’ proven track record of millions of miles of passenger service.

Bluways' Series Gasoline Hybrid-Electric Drive System Advantages

  • Ultraclean operation with very low emissions
  • Excellent low speed acceleration response and control
  • Smooth and quiet operation for a satisfying passenger experience
  • Greater fuel economy via regenerative braking and energy recapture/re-use
  • CARB-certified alternative fuel system
  • Efficient energy storage system offsets engine power dependence

Simplified exhaust aftertreatment

Integrates into popular bus chassis including New Flyer, ElDorado, NABI, Gillig and Wright


Bluways' Commitment to Air Quality Certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Bluways receives the first engine certification issued in 2010 by CARB in the Hybrid Urban Bus category for its gasoline hybrid-electric drive system. Read the Press Release »


Learn more about the features and benefits of this Bluways' Hybrid System. Read the Brochure »