Diesel Hybrid System

Smaller Engine, reduced emissions, greater fuel economy

If diesel is your fuel choice and your goal is higher fuel economy and reduced emissions, the Bluways' Diesel Hybrid System delivers.

The Bluways' Diesel Hybrid system is designed to help you reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, and reduce noise. The use of electrically-driven accessories provides greater efficiency over the engine-driven accessories used in conventional vehicles and competing hybrid drive systems. This allows the engine to be stopped without degradation to accessory functionality and increases fuel economy and results in a reduction of toxic emissions.

A Bluways' Diesel Hybrid System powers the 62' articulated StreetCar, pictured above and developed by The Wright Group. This diesel hybrid bus transports passengers on two rapid transit corridors in the Las Vegas RTC’s Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) system which serves downtown Las Vegas and nearby Boulder City. A total of 50 Bluways' Diesel Hybrid Systems are in operation in Las Vegas as part of the sleek, modern Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) fleet. To learn more about this Bluways' customer, view this CNN news video.


"A major focus of our current efforts is reducing diesel soot from trucks, buses, and ports, and we are pleased to have Bluways' hybrid-electric technology supporting these efforts."


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how it works

See a diagram that shows how energy flows through a Bluways' Hybrid System. Get the Datasheet »