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ISE Corp Delivers Robust, Reliable Energy Storage Technologies

ISE energy storage systems provide a comprehensive solution that is highly reliable, scalable, and capable of meeting the extreme demands of heavy duty hybrid vehicles and industrial applications in a stable, reliable way.

SAN DIEGO -- (Marketwire - November 9, 2009) -- California-based ISE Corp has reached a new milestone in its energy storage roadmap which meets the industry's demand for reliable, safe, and cost-effective energy storage technology. Built from the ground up, ISE has incorporated 8 years of engineering evolution and put the company ahead of the curve in providing energy storage systems to hybrid vehicle manufacturers.

Rick Sander, CEO and President of ISE, says, "Energy storage is at the core of any hybrid-powered vehicle. ISE is moving the transportation industry one step closer to zero emissions by downsizing engines, thereby reducing emissions and improving fuel economy and putting energy storage at the forefront to create a new hybrid energy paradigm." Since 1999, ISE has integrated its energy storage technology into its own hybrid drive systems. Now, the company is moving forward by standardizing its controls interface to allow other manufacturers to easily integrate ISE's energy storage technologies into their own applications.

Energy storage technologies built from the ground up

ISE's energy storage technologies have been primarily developed in the transit industry, a market application that provides an excellent platform enabling innovation through government subsidies that support the design of systems that can meet stringent standards in high duty cycle, rugged environments. ISE's investment into the continued development of its ultra-capacitor systems has resulted in a vast energy storage knowledge base, and enabled the company to widen its product set to include lithium power systems.

Regarding the company's lithium power systems, Rob Del Core, ISE's Director of Business Development Energy Storage Systems, says, "Recent sales of ISE's lithium power systems to Ashok-Leyland and Tata Motors in India are proving that our technologies are capable of addressing the latest challenges in energy storage in a viable, competitive way that meets the high volume demands of these manufacturers." ISE's power dense lithium energy storage product expands its line of energy storage product offerings to meet a variety of power and energy requirements for a range of duty cycles.

High-Quality Systems for Heavy-Duty Applications

One design benefit of ISE's latest energy storage offering is its environmentally sealed (IP67) and liquid-cooled format, which provides added integrity and allows vehicle integrators to mount the system anywhere, including underneath the bus or truck. ISE's modular cassette design is light weight and scalable, which simplifies and reduces manufacturing and maintenance costs. The modular architecture also makes upgrading easier as cell technology advances.

ISE has amassed a solid knowledge base about energy storage for heavy duty hybrid vehicle applications and this knowledge base puts the company ahead of the curve with key advantages including extensive bench and field testing as well as modular, scalable design with a compact form factor. Individual cell monitoring and balancing facilitates integrated thermal management and redundant safety capabilities. Alex Bernasconi, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, says, "Creating technologies from the ground up requires a significant time investment, and we are fortunate to have the engineering talent and industry support to be in the leadership position we are in today." While many companies are still encountering roadblocks along the energy storage path, ISE has surmounted these challenges and created a proven, production-ready solution.

About ISE Corporation

ISE Corporation ( designs, manufactures, and supports electric and hybrid-electric drive systems and high value components optimized for high duty cycles. ISE specializes in series hybrid-electric and all-electric/zero emission technologies, and offers industry-leading energy management solutions and system components. Over the past 10 years, ISE's installed base of over 230 hybrid systems has accumulated over 11 million operational fleet miles.

Established in 1995, ISE is headquartered in San Diego, CA, and employs a team of over 140, including 42 engineers. The company's history of innovation and proven technological leadership has resulted in the design and development of systems and components that deliver superior operating performance.


Rob Del Core
Director of Business Development Energy Storage Systems
ISE Corporation
+1 858-413-1759

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